The following testimonials are shared with full approval and permission from the individuals.

Lisa Waldman of Empowered to Dream Coaching recently provided one-on-one coaching to two of my employees who were being affected by corporate downsizing.  Both employees coached with Lisa individually, working through their fears and concerns, gaining a sense of purpose and direction as well as a confidence to move forward.  Lisa also assisted in providing job search and interviewing skills to better equip my employees to secure future employment.  I would definitely recommend Lisa as a life & career coach.

James M. Mahoney, VSE Corporation


“Lisa is such a great life coach!  In our session, she intently listened to me and I strongly felt her compassionate heart!  She asked me great, thought-provoking questions that helped generate responses in me, leading me to a revelatory paradigm shift!  After only a week, my heart and life had started to change!  It’s so obvious that the Great Counselor is helping Lisa help people!”                          Regine


“I am just so thankful for Lisa’s input into my life.  I felt an instant rapport with her and her insight and wisdom have been so instrumental in helping me to live a joyful fulfilling life.  What a blessing her encouragement and guidance has been!  I have regained true purpose in my life through her coaching.  Thanks, Lisa!”           Karen


“When I heard about Empowered to Dream Coaching and visited the website, I knew this was the opportunity I had been seeking for my son Daniel, a 26-yr old graduate of Universal Technical Institute of PA.  He had been working as an auto technician for seven years until he injured his back in an automobile accident that ended his career.

He had been collecting unemployment not knowing what his next step should be.  We contacted Lisa for assistance.  Through Lisa’s knowledge and skills, she was able to direct Daniel onto the right path.  Goals were set for him to accomplish each week.  Lisa enabled him to search for himself to find out what he really would like to do for his life and make steps towards fulfilling his dream.

I am happy to say that Daniel is now back in college pursuing a degree in education!  If it were not for Lisa guiding him in the right direction, he would be wandering aimlessly with no direction.

Thank you, Lisa, for this wonderful opportunity for Daniel to fulfill his dreams!”         Mary Ann


Dear Lisa,

I was very pleased with the sharing & networking that took place amongst the members of our Job Development Committee that you addressed on October 11, 2011. The Title of your Presentation was: “How to S.O.A.R. Above the Dark Clouds of Unemployment”.  Your brief address stimulated a lively discussion & exchange of ideas.

After the meeting I expressed my appreciation, and belief that you have begun a career as a “Certified Life & Career Coach” that speaks to the human needs of persons who have lost their jobs, and need encouragement and ways to get back on a positive track. You did well with members of the Burlington County PSG Unit, and I wish you much success in helping other individuals and groups who can benefit from your knowledge and insights.

Jack Bland,
PSG Facilitator – BurlingtonCountyOne-StopCareerCenter


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