Coach Lisa’s Journey

I found myself at a crossroad.  I had just been laid off from a fulfilling management position I thought would last ‘forever’. I was faced with a huge decision that had two options:

1.  I could do what I have always done and go back into an office/admin-type job, which I have to say was very tempting.

2.  I could do what I felt in my heart to do — find a way to help people overcome their hurdles, risk failure and live the life they have only dreamed of.

My dilemma was that I could only take that second path if I was willing to go through the process first by taking huge risks, overcoming fears and obstacles by embarking on a new journey that would allow me to live the life I believe I was born to live.

And then something happened to jump-start my journey.  I attended a job skills conference and won an hour with a career coach!  At that time, I didn’t even know what a career coach was but I would soon find out and it would change the course of my life forever! Following a season of personal exploration working with this coach, I realized that becoming a professional life and career coach was my calling.  I made the decision to pursue schooling and became a certified through Coach Training Alliance  .

I am a coach because I want to help empower others to live purpose-filled, passionate and authentic lives.  My personal journey continues to involve overcoming fears, taking risks and embracing change and it is my desire to see others like you empowered to do the same. I especially have a heart to help others who find themselves in career transition as I did. If you find yourself in a similar place or even just curious to know more about coaching, feel free to contact me for an informative, fun, and FREE discovery session.


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